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by Dead Gakkahs

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Fastcore Band Dead Gakkahs. Guitar/vocal : Jeonn Juhl, Bass/vocal : Hur2U, Drum : Mizno. We released a 7-track-demo album. Only Tape-format and Download code is enclosed. Price is 3,000 KRW. If you need, please contact to Dead Gakkahs.

Here’s our band camp site where you can listen to all 7 music free. You can download music files through download code enclosed in tape or buy through band camp site by paying $3.

Written by Dead Gakkahs (Except 2, 3 track). Recorded, mixed and mastered by Hakju Chun from Mushroom Recording. Produced by Junsung Kang from The Geeks, Cal-bones, Control Volume. Tape-format pressed by Jung-geun Park. Album cover art and deisgn by Jeonn Juhl. and we are thanks to... Hakju Chun, Junsung Kang, Jung-geun Park, Junho Lee, Jemi Lee, Yeji Yim.

This is our live video.

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released February 23, 2014



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Dead Gakkahs Seoul, South Korea

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Track Name: 8 month
what's going on? what the fuck?
Was i elected president?
one! two! one! two!
But i don't have tank
i am just a stupid
Track Name: Gutter (Sugar Pie Koko cover)
Shout from the gutter, wasting our breath.
Preaching the converted to the converted,
and I’m just another sheep.
Shout from the stage, wasting my breath.
Preaching the converted for the converted.
It’s all fucked. I want out.
But I love it. Panic attack.
Track Name: You vote And They... (Sugar Pie Koko cover)
And they win, don’t think it really matters where you put your vote.
Red or blue it’s all the same. It doesn’t matter, they still win, so...
Fuck their elections, fuck their frauds. Fight their oppression and bite their claws.
The ones who control and pull the strings are the ones who can buy anything.
A politician’s just a brick in the wall in an attempt to control us.
Fuck their elections, fuck their frauds. Fight their oppression and smash their walls.
Fuck their elections, fuck their frauds. Participation won’t change the laws.
Track Name: 29
Realization of a just society
Welfare society construction
Fucking Mob and confusion
Fucking Hero of Salvation
I have only 29 to my name
Track Name: Leucochloridium Paradoxum
in our life
for the rich
Look at my bright green eyes occu
pied by SYSTEM
Im a little stupid snail
i dont know what you did
ill prey for the system
ill prey for the system
look at my
green eyes
occupied by system
Track Name: First Lady
The dictoators first lady back to the past
Why korean worship dictators and their descendants
Shut the fuck off
Track Name: Go Suck Man
go suck man
go and suck his fucking ass
go and suck his ass
go and suck his fucking ass
go and suck his ass
you says... you know it All dont know anything
'Get results' is all of your life?
'Get results' is all of your life.
go and suck that fool man
follow his ass 9 to 24